We are able to get any parts for your boat and make repairs in express time while you relax on the beach or in nearby tavernas in our magic holiday resort. No need to sail to Athens and stay for indefinite period of time in a smelly city… If you write us your requirements in advance by email, ordered parts will wait for you when you arrive!

Our technical workshop offers:

  • regular maintenance
  • electrical & electronic devices installation and repair (including GPS trackers)
  • engine maintenance & repairs
  • smaller repairs of metal parts & welding
  • fibreglass & gelcoat repairs
  • moving/lifting of heavy objects in water + inflatable lifting bags rental (1 bag = 500 kg)
  • diving works
  • yacht delivery

Our sewing workshop offers:

  • sail repairs
  • new biminitops & repairs
  • new sprayhoods & repairs
  • awnings & repairs
  • car seat covers
  • cockpit cusions
  • boat interiors & curtains

Our woodwork workshop offers:

Any type of palletwood furniture. According to your specifications you can get tailor-made wooden furniture for a good price.

Examples of outdoor furniture:

  • tables
  • benches
  • beach beds
  • beach furniture

Examples of indoor furniture:

  • single and double beds
  • coffee tables
  • sofas
  • sofa-beds
  • tables
  • cabinets and dressers
  • shoe cabinets
  • TV units